Faithful stewards of our planet are taught to reduce, reuse, and recycle — easy enough when hippies were throwing used sandals into someone else’s recycling bin, but today’s world is different. Today, the world is on fire, and so great-father-material CEOs like Elon Musk are taking great pains in order to recycle things we never thought could be, like rocket boosters and re-entry capsules. Recycling is different now, as is reducing. By 2060, scientists estimate, artificial intelligence will be so good that it will reduce the need for humans to do much of anything.

But Musk thinks that particular reduction is going to happen a lot sooner…time for Muskwatch.


In other Musky news, underwear is a giant capitalist conspiracy to get men the world over to cordon crotches. The definitely-not-Iron-Man industrialist tweeted that he neither wears boxers nor briefs, instead favoring the scrotal freedom that comes from bucking the yolk of “Big Underwear.” Musk must be onto something — he wouldn’t just give a joke answer to a dumb question knowing it would make the news. Pfft.

Also on the show: speedbumps that bump harder the faster you drive over them, and speculating why the upcoming Tesla Model Y has no mirrors. Roost your venomous bats, print your adoption papers, and check out our latest episode above.

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