What more can you do to make science both accessible and entertaining for the masses after you’ve accomplished that with two great TV shows? You bring science even closer to the people with a live show, which is just what the former MythBusters build team of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara will do when they bring their Netflix show the White Rabbit Project on tour later this year.


Like fellow MythBuster Adam Savage has done with his own touring show Brain Candy Live, this tour, Down the Rabbit Hole, will see Kari, Tory, and Grant “hit the road using their scientific sleuth skills” to “investigate weird and wonderful events from pop culture, science, and history, bringing their unique brand of spectacular popular science experimentation.”

If you’ve never seen their Netflix series the White Rabbit Project 1) uh, you really should, and 2) on it they explore and test the possibilities of topics like jailbreaks, hoverboards, and super power tech. So if that’s any indication of the types of subjects we can expect from this tour, it’s going to be informative and a lot of fun. (Not that we’d expect anything less from these three.)

As of now they have six shows scheduled in November, and you can buy tickets for them through the tour’s website.

Nov 9th: Mesa, Arizona
Nov 10th: San Diego, California
Nov 11th: San Jose, California
Nov 17th: Portland, Oregon
Nov 18th: Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov 19th: Seattle, Washington

Hopefully Down the Rabbit Hole will manage to hop on over to even more places in the future, because while we love our science shows, we love experiencing it in person even more.

What topics would you love to see them explore on this show? Go down into our comments section below to tell us your best ideas.

Images: Netflix