When the folks at Titan teamed up with Bioware to release a collection of Dragon Age-inspired toys, we were pretty pumped. From Alistair to Leliana the 12-figure Dragon Age Heroes of Thedas collection had a lot to offer. I mean, just look at them—there’s a dog and a dragon and they’ve been some of our favorites for awhile.

DGN-BOX-001 Heroes Of Thedas lineup

I mean, c’mon: war hounds and dragons, amirite? But the Bioware fun doesn’t stop there. Because now Titan’s upped their Bioware relationship by heading to the world of Mass Effect, with the upcoming Mass Effect The Normandy Collection—set to release at the end of July. With the hype around the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda pretty real after the new trailer was revealed at E3 last week, the release comes at the perfect time. Feast your eyes on the fun figures below.

Mass Effect the Normandy Collection

The collection will include three-inch figures of Commander Shepard (M and F) in classic N7 armor, Jack, Garrus, Joker, and more, and will be distributed as blind-boxes–which obviously means you won’t know which one you’re scoring until you open it up. Of the collection, we’re particularly fond of the tiny Liara, because…look at her! We can’t wait to put her on our desk.

For those excited about Andromeda, it’s important to point out that the collection only includes old characters. Plus, it’s called the Normandy Collection, which is the ship from the first game, so there’s that. It remains to be seen whether any fan-favorites will be making the trek to the game, but our guess is no since they’re creating a brand new adventure.

Will you be grabbing any of the figures? Which one do you hope you get? Let us know in the comments below, join the conversation on Facebook, or start one with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka.

Images: Titan